Grizzly Sluice III Testimonials

Even better than anticipated. You have a great product! I was a mechanical engineer in the Navy, and I always had an appreciation for well engineered, well thought out products and I believe your "Goof Proof" is to near perfect as you can get.

Marc D. - California

We wanted to test it, so we ran the Grizzly Sluice III and Keene A52 side by side. Using the same classified dirt from the same hole, we noticed that the Grizzly saved more of the larger flakes over a 4 hour period. Another thing about the Grizzly was I did not have to build a water break, worry about water flow, leveling the box in the water, standing in water and pre-classifying dirt.

Jeff A. - California

Beautiful box, thanks for the excellent service and all of your advice

Dave R. - California

Sluice arrived this morning. Very well built and can handle the gravels with ease, will certainly out perform my Rotopan.

Leonas L. - Canada

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Grizzly Sluice III.  The Grizzly Sluice III was easy to use after slipping and sliding in the water with my Keene A52.  After five hours of using the Grizzly Sluice III the amount of flour gold and small pieces retained was more than double for the same material run through my Keene A52.  Nice to have a quality product that performs as advertised!

Doug - Colorado

I worked some tailings with my machine and it fills the bill for me. Thanks for your kindness and quick shipping.

Jim B. - Idaho