Operation of the Grizzly Sluice III

Operation of the Grizzly Sluice III gold mining sluice boxThe Grizzly Sluice III sets up on the side of the stream on an approximate 12 degree angle, so top hopper is level, not in the stream, like the other sluice boxes on the market.

You can either shovel or bucket your dirt into the top hopper. This allows you to crevice cracks in the bedrock along the stream, or gather your material way off the river or stream. I have found some of my largest gold nuggets in ancient river channels between 50 feet to 50 yards off from any river or creek.

If you are serious about finding the source of an originating vein feeding placer gold into a creek or river system, the Grizzly Sluice III can provide you with the most accurate cross sections that can be conducted by portable prospecting equipment.

The whole idea for the recreational prospectors, as well as the professional is to be able to use a piece of prospecting equipment that is not only very portable, but most importantly it has to have the highest retention of any sluice box on the market. You are wasting your time and money, if you’re not using a product that will maximize your gold retention capabilities. Your decision would be that of using a box that at best has a 50% retention on fine gold or a box that has the same high retention on fine gold as well as coarse. Thus you are able to collect twice the gold! If there is gold and gems in the soil you are digging, the Grizzly Sluice III will find them.

The Grizzly Sluice III gold mining sluice boxYou, I’m sure have heard the expression "goof proof", well that’s exactly what the Grizzly Sluice III is. No matter how hard you dump your water in the top hopper, there is no way you can wash the gold out of the lower riffle system. The built in water regulator of the box will automatically back wash all excess water off the back of the box before there’s any danger of washing gold down over the riffle system and out of the box! The first time prospector is just as capable of saving as much gold as the professional.

Once you washed the material through the Grizzly Sluice III and you’re running clear water down the riffle system, simply grab the top hopper and hinge it back, this will discard all the unwanted materials. While you have the top hopper hinged back check your secondary grizzly screen for course gold nuggets and precious stones. On one particular prospecting trip to Montana, my sons and I brought back over an ounce of gold for our weekend adventure, but we returned with even more money in precious and semi-precious stones!

Gold from the Grizzly Sluice III gold mining sluice boxYour magnetites and finer gold have now washed through the secondary screen, down into the trough and carried through the patent pending baffle system which regulates water flow through the Grizzly Sluice III. You will now be able to visibly see the magnetites and gold lying on the back side of each riffle that has imbedded itself into the retention material lying under the riffle system.

After several buckets of material have been introduced through the Grizzly Sluice III, you will see your riffle system starting to fill up with magnetites (black sand), you can now, do a quick clean-up if you want to. Simply place a gold pan at the bottom of the riffle system on the Grizzly Sluice III and unsnap the catches on the riffle system, raise the riffle system up and slide the retention material into the gold pan. Dump a little fresh water into the top hopper to wash any remaining trapped gold down into the pan. Tip the retention material upside down in the pan and slide it back and forth through the pan of water, ring out the retention material into your gold pan. Replace the retention material back under the riffle system, snap down the riffle system and go back to work. You can take the contents of the pan, wash it into a black sand container and continue prospecting or you can take the time to pan down your concentrates right then. I prefer to dump it into a black sand container, label the location where I extracted the dirt and go back to work. For the short time I have to prospect, I want to process as much material as I can, for the amount of time I have to be there.

More gold from the Grizzly Sluice III gold mining sluice boxUsing the Grizzly Sluice III, I can process approximately 500 pannings in a days work. There’s no way I can hand pan 500 pannings in a day, especially with the retention factor of the Grizzly sluice III. I can introduce water into the Grizzly Sluice III by bucketing the water by the stream, or I can use a plastic pipe to divert my water from just above my box in the stream, or I can pump water to my sluice box. This makes the Grizzly Sluice III a very versatile prospecting tool! I have sold the Grizzly Sluice to professional miners who wanted to exhaust their large suction dredges into the Grizzly Sluice to capture all the fine gold their machines were blowing right back into the river.