The Grizzly Sluice III gold mining sluice box

Features of the Grizzly Sluice
* Constructed of heavy duty aluminum
* Hinged top hopper with ½” expanded
  metal grizzly screen
* Fixed ¼” flat expanded secondary
  grizzly screen
* Hinged lower riffle system
* Built in patent pending baffle system
  automatically regulating water flow
* Retention factor of 99% plus on all
  coarse and fine gold

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Grizzly Sluice III
The Grizzly Sluice III is the most efficient gold mining sluice box on the market, for not only coarse gold, but has a 99% retention on all flour gold tested on the Snake River, Twin Falls Idaho. The gold pulled out of the Snake River is said to be the finest purest gold in the world. Most of the in-stream sluice boxes at best have a 50% retention on fine gold. The Grizzly Sluice III doubles your ability to retrieve the most gold and precious stones you can for the time you are prospecting and mining. The Grizzly Sluice III is a light weight aluminum gold mining sluice box, which has its own classification system for separating unwanted rocks, grass, roots and all other debris.

With gold selling for more and more each day, it makes good sense to take a few more camping trips with the family, or a few more prospecting trips with fellow prospectors.  You can pay for the gas and groceries a lot easier when you have a gold retrieving machine that can process a lot more material, and has a higher percentage of retention than other gold retrieving equipment.