Features of the Grizzly Sluice III

The Grizzly Sluice III gold mining sluice box1. Built of heavy duty aluminum .090 with all metal screens and riffle systems which have been electroplated for lifetime durability.

2. Hinged top hopper with ½” expanded metal grizzly screen, which makes it possible to discard all unwanted rocks, grass, and roots after being washed clean.

3. Secondary grizzly screen, which consists of ¼” flat expanded metal that classifies all small nuggets, garnets, rubies, sapphires and all other precious and semi-precious stones.

4. Built in patent pending baffle system which regulates the flow of water through the Grizzly Sluice III. If more water is introduced into the top hopper than can be evenly regulated through the box and lower riffle system, the Grizzly Sluice III will automatically back wash any over flow of water, thus regulating water flow into the ruffle system which will protect your fine gold particles as well as your precious and semi-precious stones from washing right out of the box. Such is the case with the in-stream sluice boxes presently on the market.

5. Hinged bottom riffle system, which makes your cleanup the easiest part of the operation.

6. A newly developed fine gold recovery material which has its own small riffle system incorporated right into the material itself. When the Grizzly’s riffle system and the material interact with each other the recovery results are phenomenal.

7. Light weight enough to be hand carried into the most remote area that would be normally impossible to be reached with heavy prospecting equipment.

8. Retention factor of 99% plus on coarse gold, as well as micro fine gold, which is being lost by every other piece of equipment on the market.